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Miss Minnesota Latina™ and Miss Teen Minnesota Latina™ are the first competitions established in the state of Minnesota exclusively for Latinas, and the only one whose winner advances to a national competition.


The Pageants are geared to Latina residents of Minnesota between the ages of 18 and 27 (14 and 17 for Teens), who desire to travel and advance in the world of pageants and the modeling industry, while proudly promoting their Latino heritage.

This Pageant intends to promote the ideas, culture, interests and aspirations of this country's most powerful emerging market. Today's young Latina women are leading the way. Their desires for achievement, recognition and the betterment of themselves and their families are shaping the future economy and culture of this country, driving it into the next century.


The Minnesota Latina Pageants are the best place to gain exposure, have fun, win prizes and go home with plenty of new friends and lifetime memories. It is also a great opportunity for networking and career development.


Miss Minnesota Latina is the preliminary to the national Miss U.S. Latina, the most prestigious and well known pageant in the world for U.S. Latinas, as well as the longest-running (since 1983). It is also the only national Latina pageant in the U.S. that follows traditional pageant guidelines for participants and affiliate preliminary competitions.





Emphasizing Latino values and empowerment through further education and charity work, the prestigious Miss Latin America Pageant began in the early 1980s with the desire for a program, and event that would showcase and unite the Latino culture.


The first competition was held in Miami, FL and contestants were of Latin American heritages from the United States. Immediately growing into a success, Latin American countries then became enthusiastic about sending delegates to compete with the US delegates. As a result, the event continued to be held in Miami as young beautiful Latinas from the US and Latin America competed for the crown and title.


As the event gained more international press, the Latin American countries expressed interest in hosting the event. Therefore, in 1986, the pageant made its debut in Costa Rica, as well as was televised to an international audience of over 170 million. That year was also the year that a separation was made between the USA national competition and

the international competition, giving the delegates from the US a separate competition from the Latin American delegates. 


In 2002, the pageant opened up the competition globally allowing Latino heritages to be represented from all over the world in an effort to globally promote the Latino culture. This growing decision led to the renaming of the competition to Miss America Latina del Mundo/Miss Latin America of the World in 2008. 


The Miss America Latina, Inc., Organization is headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, and produces the Miss U.S. Latina™ national pageants annually, as well as the Miss Latina America of the World™ international pageant.

At the helm of this Organization is Acirema Alayeto, President and Founder of this Latin American Pageant system, who has over 35 years of experience in events and productions of all types, the last 25 of those years dedicated to the genre of beauty pageants.


Since its inception, the Miss U.S. Latina™ Pageant has always been produced by the same organization, and it is the official national preliminary to the international Miss Latin America of the World™ Pageant.

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