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NEW Beginnings

Every 365 days we’re granted a fresh new year packaged with new beginnings, unprecedented surprises, and many doors filled with opportunities waiting to be open. As we arrive to this closing chapter of 2017, we begin to reflect on our blessings, we write out our list of goals, and become excited for the new year!

As I look back, the quote that first comes to mind is, “pain passes, but beauty remains.” It seems as if even our own planet earth cried out through natural disasters, this past year. In all aspects, we received quite a few new beginnings and unimaginable tragedies; but our passion radiated resilience and we began to heal, together. As I look at my surroundings I notice the amount of revolutionary youth fighting for their rights, education, community, and for the lives of others. The energy is truly contagious, and I can only hope for the momentum to continue as we enter 2018. Not only do I believe that 2018 will be a great year but also a movement, and it begins with each individual. As we move forward, the impact must start from within and then proceed out, from the heart.

As I reflect upon 2017, it’s completely impossible to neglect the many lessons that I have been taught: I learned that gratitude towards one’s story is key for a purposeful life. It’s our past experiences and circumstances that allow growth to take place. As we each continue to work within ourselves, we inevitably impact our environment. We’re all gifted with talents and passions filled with hidden gems. When we take these gifts, and use them for the benefit for others, there’s a lot of reward that instantly is attracted into our lives. Although the reward may not be tangible, many times it’s the feeling of joy that becomes more than enough of a reward.

As we look back just one more time before stepping into a whole new experience, I’d like to wish you many blessings, love, and health. I am hopeful that the good will continue to be greater than hate and that we will continue to rise as a unit, despite of any situation that may present itself as a setback.



Your Miss Minnesota Latina 2018.

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